Testimonials from some of my past pupils

James DixonJames Dixon
Only 2 Minors
Stephen took me out for a quick drive and assessed how much tuition I needed, we then booked a 2 week intensive session. During the lessons he taught me effectively with a structured plan, highlighted areas that I needed to improve on and quickly prepared me for my test. Due to Stephens’s friendly nature and encouragement I passed first time with only 2 minors!

Tom NewlandTom Newland
I found Stephen to be a brilliant driving instructor. He is very calm and encouraging during difficult moments, and is likewise congratulatory when you perform well. He really builds your confidence and removes all anxiety from driving. His teaching method is very effective. After theory he will help guide you to perform the manoeuvre, and if you go wrong he will correct you in away that you will learn from and understand. In terms of value for money, Stephen is also excellent. He wastes no time and as soon as you are in the car you drive off, and you leave each lesson feeling like you have progressed and are more confident.

Lara DurrantLara Durrant
Only 3 minor faults
Passed my test first time today with Stephen Lloyd from LDC. Stephen is a really great instructor who is friendly, patient and always reliable. He made learning to drive easy and fun! Highly recommend! Well done Lara passing your test on your first attempt. It was a pleasure teaching you to drive.

Daniel GavinDaniel Gavin
My experience learning to drive with Stephen was a very positive one, and I grew in confidence each lesson. Everything was done at a sensible pace, and I did not feel pressured to reach a certain level or to take my test before I was comfortable doing so, which was important to me. This meant I went into my test relaxed (as I could be) and passed first time! I feel ready to apply the good habits Stephen has taught me now, and I feel as a result of his tuition I have the platform to be a safe and competent driver in the future. Thank you! Well done Danny. I really enjoyed teaching you to drive. I hope you enjoy the freedom that comes from having a full licence. Stephen

Philippa NelsonPhilippa Nelson
Passed 1st time
Stephen is a fabulous instructor and I felt very comfortable with him in the car. I chose LDC after not being happy with a previous instructor. I always feel safe and in control with Stephen. Stephen is always calm and understanding and supports me in the way I do things (previous instructor told me how to do things rather then find a way that is suitable for me). I am going to do pass plus with him and feel in safe hands. The LDC system is easy to follow because you can see whether you’re ready for your test. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone who want to learn to drive. Well done Philippa for passing on your first attempt. I look forward to helping you get your Pass Plus certificate. Stephen

Penny ShirleyPenny Shirley
Passed 1st Time
Stephen was a fantastic instructor and was very easy to get along with. I always felt safe and relaxed when we were in the car and his explanations and guidance was clear and concise. He gave good, constructive criticism and I took a lot out of each lesson we had. I would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about starting to drive.

James ZytynskiJames Zytynski
Passed 1st Time
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Stephen and with the LDC program. Stephen was very patient and informative which made learning to drive simple and easy. The LDC course was easy to follow and it showed your progress as you learnt which I found very useful. I would recommend Stephen to any one who wants to learn to drive.

James HawdonJames Hawdon
Passed First Time
I was very happy with Stephen and the LDC program. I did a 1 week pass course and had passed at the end of the week. Stephen was very helpful and patient and would recommend him to all. From going to barely any driving experience to a pass at the end of the week was incredible. The LDC course material was simple to follow and saved me driving time by not having to ask as many question in the car. Thanks again Stephen. James